NARRATIVE  /  20 MINUTES  /  2009  /  16MM
Anna Horowitz (Hannah Bailey) is having a bad week. She just failed Latin, is getting expelled and, with any luck, Charlie is about to take her virginity. Life can be pretty complicated for a teenage girl from the suburbs.

Night Rituals, a short film by Andrew Gitomer, is about the precarious world of private schools and upper-middle class suburbia. Anna hates her parents, resents her friends, regrets her love and fails to meet the most basic expectations she has for herself; and then, she has to get up and go to school in the morning.

Somehow, maybe, everything will turn out alright. High school sucks.

Written, directed & edited by Andrew Gitomer. Starring Hannah Bailey, Darcie Wilder, Steven Levine
& Joshua Reily. Featuring Daniel Ferrara, Emmy Miller, Robert J. Seigel, Sandy McAdoo, Jim Golden & Iris Cahn.
Cinematography by Jonathan Stromberg. Sound recording by Alan Lapointe.
Re-recording mix by Lewis Goldstein. Executive produced by Sam Marine & Mike Satalof.

Filmed in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and Rye, New York during the Winter of 2008-2009. Shot on the Arriflex SR2 on Kodak Vision 2 500T and Vision 2 250D. Film developed and transfered at PostWorks New York. Sound recorded to digital audio file on the Fostex FR2 and the Zoom H4.
Watch on Vimeo & Youtube. Edited by Janis Vogel.
Production Stills

Click to enlarge. Photographs by Andrew Gitomer, Alan Lapointe & Darcie Wilder.